“If one was able to explain everything, this oeuvre would be meaningless.”

(Ludwig Hohl)

Initial Spark

At the beginning of the 90s I encountered works of ceramics in Cardiff as I had never seen them before. They had a profound impact on me: textured surfaces recalling landscapes, matt natural glazes and bold vessel forms.


My enthusiasm for ceramics was sparked and continues to this day. It was the beginning of a long, instrucive journey from Switzerland over Wales to Australia and back again. And still I am on my path, learning, discovering and exploring anew.

Main Interest

Overall topic of my ceramics work is the vessel. Containers in all possible forms decisevely determine our life: domestic vessels, dwellings, means of transport, the human body, just to name a few. Time and again I am intrigued by the vessel’s numerous facets: inside – outside, the surface, the inner void, the opening and its many options of design.


Initial sources of inspiration were the south coast of Wales as well as weathered, culturally produced surfaces, telling stories, bearing traces and concealing secrets. In Australia my eye was caught by the strong constrast between tubelike man-made forms in contrast to wild nature. The organic came up against the constructed, – a strong contrast in the field of tension betwen human beings and nature.


The creative process of a piece of work is continued by the viewers perception, interpretation or use. It is only through them that the work gains its meaning.

Meilen, April 2020 – Bettina Baumann

* for further reflections in relation to the vessel as bearer of meaning, see corresponding article under Profil (only in German)